Thursday, 7 April 2016

How to check your backlinks

I hoping you already know what backlinks are? I wrote this article that is about a Backlink Checker which starts off by explaining what a backlink is.

As you can see I have just created a Backlink to another one of my blogs.

So how do I check my backlink?

Genius SEO Tools has this amazing Backlink Checker this tool which if you want to check your backlink then sign up for their 7 Day free trail and you will be able to add your website and see all the sites that are pointing to your site. This program does a whole lot more then just just your backlinks though, it also does:

  • Rank tracking
  • internal link optimization
  • Social metrics
  • Check for toxic links
  • You can submit your website to directories
  • Keyword research 
And so much more...

But to check your backlinks it's possible the best Backlink Checker on the market at the moment and if you are serious about SEO then you have to look further into Genius SEO Tools, as they are the market leaders at the moment.

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